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Our Eye care Team


At Riverdell Family Vision Care, we have carefully selected our Eye Care Team to provide skilled, professional and caring service to all of our patients. Our knowledgeable staff works hard to keep up to date on the latest developments, trends and technology to ensure you receive only the highest quality eye care and optometry services. We strive to make each and every visit comfortable and informative, so you will look forward to your annual eye exam!

Regular eye check ups are an essential part of preventative vision care. Protect your precious eyes and schedule an appointment today.

Cindy Meyer - Office Manager

Cindy Meyer has been the Office Manager for the past 13 years. Cindy has a degree in Administration of Health Services. She takes care of all the insurance billing, chooses all of the frames for the office, and is basically the glue that holds everything together. Cindy is Dr. Meyer’s wife, and they have built Riverdell Family Vision Care together. They have 4 children, Jeffrey, Julie, Brian, and Lara.

Alyce Esrig - Experienced Vision Therapist

Alyce has worked in our office for more that 10 years, and has been the head Vision Therapist for the last 8 years. Over that time she has enjoyed helping her patients achieve their goals and be able to continue their lives with better abilities and confidence. She is extremely dedicated, and takes pride in being able to make such a wonderful difference in their lives. “The best feeling you can get is when you hear your patient or their parent tells you that their symptoms are gone.” Alyce is married and has 1 daughter who is a music teacher.

Mindy Rosenberg - Optometric Assistant

Mindy Rosenberg joined our staff at Riverdell Family Vision Care in 2013, and has quickly become a proficient Optometric Assistant. She is a mother of twins, and is friendly and caring. Mindy’s responsibilities include scheduling appointments, performing initial testing, assisting in the selection of designer eye wear, and instructing patients in the proper use of contact lenses. Mindy will be glad to answer any eye care questions you may have.

Laura Chamberlain - Aujero - Optometric Assistant

Laura Chamberlain-Aujero joined the staff of Riverdell Family Vision Care in 2010 as an Optometric Assistant, and also brings with her experience and knowledge of 8 previous years in the optometry field. She is a mother of 2. Laura is very busy juggling career and home life. Her responsibilities in the office are very diversified, which include assisting with the selection of designer eye wear, instructing patients on the proper use of contact lens insertion & removal, scheduling appointments, screening, and answering all eye-care questions you may have.

Marissa Rosenzweig - Experienced Vision Therapist

Marissa uses her many years of experience as a Special Education teacher in her approach to Vision Therapy. Each child is unique and therefore no two patients are alike. Marissa enjoys working together with her patients to discover their unique strengths and then use those strengths to help them achieve their vision therapy goals. Nothing makes Marissa happier than having a patient complete the vision therapy to their ultimate satisfaction…seeing their grades improve and beginning to enjoy reading and sports. Marissa is happily married with three grown amazing daughters.

Rosalind Paolazzi - Optometric Assistant

Rosalind Paolazzi has been on our staff for the last 7 years as an Optometric Assistant. She is the mother of 4 sons and enjoys spending time with her family. Rosalind is very knowledgeable in conducting initial patient testing, assisting you with your eye wear selections and will help instruct you with the application and care of contact lenses. Rosalind will be glad to answer any questions regarding your visit to our office.